Commercial Kitchens & Cleaning

Hotel and catering services, such as bed and breakfast establishments, take a lot of pride in their hospitality and cleanliness. However, even when diligent daily cleaning takes place, there is still a need for commercial kitchen deep cleaning services. It is best to hire a professional for these deep-cleaning tasks.

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Why extensive cleaning? 

Although a kitchen may look clean on the surface, there are hidden areas that can collect grease, grime and bacteria. Some areas, such as exhaust fans, may even become a fire hazard if not professionally cleaned on a regular basis. There are also cleanliness and safety regulations that must be adhered to, and professional cleaning services are the best way to ensure that happens. Scheduling these cleanings on a regular basis, perhaps quarterly, will keep food storage and preparation areas clean, sanitary, and safe.

Services to Expect

Although a cleaning service will cater to an establishment's exact needs, there are a few common services you can expect to be performed. Vents, exhaust fans, and kitchen hoods will be degreased and cleaned. Grease traps will be emptied, and filters will be replaced. Kitchen equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Walls, ceilings and floors will be deep cleaned and sanitized, including floor mats. Sinks, countertops, ovens, cooking surfaces, and all food preparation and storage areas will also be thoroughly cleaned. If there are any cleaning services that are required for insurance or health inspections, these will be performed as well.

Determining a Cleaning Schedule

There is no single answer as to how frequently a kitchen should be deep cleaned. Busy kitchens will of course need cleaned more often, while less busy kitchens may be able to schedule them less frequently. The type of food commonly cooked can also be a determining factor. For example, exhaust fans and grease traps will need servicing much more frequently in kitchens that do a lot of frying. Of course, it is critical to schedule cleanings frequently enough to stay current with any inspections or health regulations. A good cleaning company will be able to help assess your cleaning needs, and get a regular schedule established.

Cleaning Methods Used

There are a variety of different thorough cleaning methods used by these services, depending on the need. Disinfectants are frequently used, as is high temperature steam cleaning. In some cases, filters and absorption materials will need to be removed and replaced. The methods, equipment and solutions commonly used by professional cleaners are more efficient and powerful than those commonly used for everyday cleaning.

Understanding the Costs

It is true that there is a cost involved with getting a kitchen extensively cleaned. However, there are also many dangers and hidden costs associated with not keeping a kitchen properly cleaned and sanitized. There can even be consequences such as fines and rescinded licenses for not keeping a kitchen clean. Not meeting the standards of a health inspection, for example, can have dire consequences for a business that prepares food. In the end, regular thorough cleanings will keep your kitchen clean and sanitary, and your customers safe and satisfied.